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About Us

About Us

We are distributor for:

UPDATE: From 15th June 2017, Rayxtreme will be wholly owned by Pakapo Pte Ltd and all transaction will be through Pakapo Pte Ltd.


Asia Number 1 BMX online store and world most competitive BMX online store.

2017 we are embarking on TRACK Bikes, Racing Bikes & Professional Kick Scooters!

Rayxtreme is a Singapore-based company and built its values around virtuous Chinese philosophies.

For doing an honest business;

Strength in Unity
Prosperity leads to Giving to the Society
For the growth of cycling culture

Promote culture/values first and products second.
Every customer is important
It is with these beliefs that the corporate mission and vision are based on.

Rayxtreme aims to be the market leader for one-stop cycling-related products/services in Singapore that provides customers with the widest range of products/services, best value for purchases, most updated information and warmest customer relationships.


Rayxtreme operates its business with a clear view for the cycling community and the company;

to provide the most suitable products for various target markets
to provide value-added purchase experiences and services for the target markets
to provide suitable platforms for the various communities to grow in terms of cycling cultures
to provide support through technical expertise and trend experiences to the various target markets
to create value to the brand name Rayxtreme
to create win-win situations with all business stake-holders leading to sustainable long-term relationships with healthy returns
to create a healthy business platform so as be able to serve the community-at-large in return
Rayxtreme is a stockist for:

Premium Bikes - Haro BMX - Volume Bike Co
Markit Denim/ BMX - Demolition Parts
Masi Bikes - Del Sol Urban Bikes
And in collaboration with the following brands:

SR Suntour - FSA - Raleigh - Atomlab - BSD - Mutant - TotalBMX - Shimano
Fox - Circus Monkey - Faxxon - Mestic Company - Impurity Bike
Fuji Bikes - Se Bikes - Kink BMX - United BMX - Cult - Eclat - Colony
Fit - Eastern Bikes - KHE bikes - Odyssey
Rayxtreme understands the cyclist market. One major effort of Rayxtreme is to focus on the needs and demands of the youth market. With good nurturing, this segment would grow to become outstanding athletes of the cycling community in the future. The other market is the adult market where keeping fit and taking a refuge from the daily grind is the best way to rejuvenate and recharge.

While business progress is a major focus of the company, Rayxtreme never lose sight of one important guiding principle - Prosperity leads to Giving to the Society.

Giving to the society refers to participation or organization of events and activities that will help the community to achieve a non-profit objective, as well as out-right charity works.

Rayxtreme periodically donates to grassroots charitable organizations eg: children's' homes and old folks' home

Rayxtreme is a warm supporter of local community activities which benefits the youth eg sponsorship of participation fees for all participants at local bike events

Team Rayxtreme is made up of Singaporean street BMX riders. Their age range from 18 – 32 years old. The crew were chosen based on their riding skills as well as their role-model influence on the BMX youth cycling community. The Rayxtreme Facebook group is testimonial to the strong following of the company and the crew.

In line with the principle of “Strength in Unity”, Rayxtreme is receptive with business collaboration with other brand owners to create win-win business relationships. With a flexible and creative mindset, Rayxtreme are always ready to try out new concepts that would interest and benefit the cycling community.

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